Hello, there is a possibility that the radar can be called twice.
If so, what would be the correct form in the CFG?

set radar “3”
set radar “60”

oh it would be this way

set radar “3, 60”

will this be possible

Hello my friend, do you think this could be possible?

that a player can call the UAV in two different cases

3 deaths and 50 deaths

Don’t think that is possible without a mod

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Hi geplaza, I have looked into it and it is possible use the _hardpoints.gsx file
It’s available from here:

(you can change the .gsc to .gsx so it matches the rest of the script files)
Place this in your main_shared\maps\mp\gametypes folder

You will need to edit from line 842 that has the heading giveHardpointItemForStreak()

you can add in else statements to call in uav on whatever killstreak you want for example:

else if ( streak == 60 )
self giveHardpoint( “radar_mp”, streak );

	streak = self.cur_kill_streak;
	if ( streak < 3 )

	if ( !getDvarInt( "scr_game_forceuav" ) )
		if ( streak == 3 )
			self giveHardpoint( "radar_mp", streak );
		else if ( streak == 5 )
			self giveHardpoint( "airstrike_mp", streak );
		else if ( streak == 7 )
			self giveHardpoint( "helicopter_mp", streak );
                else if ( streak == 60 )
			self giveHardpoint( "radar_mp", streak );
		else if ( streak >= 61 )
			if ( (streak % 5) == 0 )
				self streakNotify( streak );

You can also change the streaks required for each

This is based on not using New Experience mod, So I no longer use that mod and don’t know how it will react with it. You will just have to try it and see

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Hello friend, I was just thinking about your response yesterday and today I came in to talk to you about this topic and I came across your response. so thank you very much.
What I was analyzing and I was going to tell you was that as I continue using new experience and I think that if I disable the CFG, these would be taken by the values ​​that are entered in the script and that there could be a possibility of being able to call 2 times to the “uav” the same player.
I’ll try what you tell me and I’ll tell you how it turns out.