Hello, inquiry about new experience

hello, in the new experience mod there is a way to tell it to autobalance the teams. so that the players do not load to one and change them automatically

thank you very much for your help

Are you trying to keep bots on one team?
You want to disable autobalance?

in your server config:
set scr_teambalance “0” //auto-teambalance //0 = no, 1 = yes
in your new experience config:
set force_autoassign “0” // Force players to always autoassign to keep teams balanced ( 1-enable ; 0-disable )

I have 8 bots and to do it something difficult. They are divided into 5 and 3 for the other team.
I have 14 slots available minus the 8 bots, I only have 6 left for users, but all the users go to the marines.

and I have the team balance in 1
I have auto assignment at 0, just because I think one should have the right to select a vando… but what I want is that if the server detects that everything is overloaded with marines, it takes one or two users and change them of go.

If you recommend that I leave the bots at 4 and 4, I can do it. but I want them to go up evenly and not look like 7 and 4 with user and bots included

se encuentran en el server_config.cfg

set scr_teambalance “1”
set force_autoassign “0”