the game freezes at the loading screen, does not log in anywhere, does not log into the server, to anyone

system windows 11 pro 12gb ram video card rx 5500 x

Are you running any gsc scripts or mods
Are you trying to join your server or other servers

Is it dedicated server or private game

You see you have posted with very little info to go off

I’m using this version 21.1 I don’t use any mods and plugins The server you are playing is public server Name TUD Server I bought the game originally and I’m playing it on Steam

so your game is freezing on the TUD server… have you tried any other servers?

Yes, I’ve logged into other servers as well as all other servers, still freezes at the login screen, doesn’t progress at all, won’t log into the game

Just try hosting a game through the create a game and see if that freezes or lets you play