Hosting vanilla servers

Hello everyone, i’ve recently started playing cod 4 with this mod and i’ve seen that all of the servers are modded and to me and my friends they are not fun play. My request to anyone who sees this is host unmodded servers for all maps and game modes including hardcore and oldschool mode, just the base vanilla game how the game was meant to be played.

I’ve tried to host servers myself but it didn’t work my shitty router just won’t open ports. I know this is a big ask but having a few unmodded servers would be really appreciated.

Server settings:
Time limit: 10 mins
Score: 1000 points
Spectating: free
Killcam: enabled
Friendly fire: disabled
Voice Chat: enabled
Team balance: enabled
Voting: enabled
Max players: 20
FOV: default

Same for all game modes, except enable friendly fire for hardcore
Thanks in advance, I would really appreciate it.

Will anyone look into this ?

This is easy enough. Join our community discord and ill set one up tomorrow when im off :slight_smile: