How can i update Cod4x client?

Hello :slight_smile:
i would like to ask how can i update cod4x client, what is the procedure and where i can find the link ?

i have an old version

Here you can download latest version. and install it manually

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Or Just Click Here:

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does i have to uninstall the older version before ?


You can also look here %localappdata%\CallofDuty4MW\bin and if you wish delete the older directories there is no harm. I just have one directory there ‘cod4x_021’

update done.

i had to copy all the folder i have download in the game folder…i don’t understand why the “readme” say "Copy the folder cod4-client-manualinstall_21.0, but not its content, into your cod4 game folder. Enter the folder cod4-client-manualinstall_21.0. Run install.cmd "

i had to copy the entire content

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Yeah I see why what you mean. How you read it I guess. Maybe best if it said

‘Copy/Paste The Downloaded Folder (cod4-client-manualinstall_21.0) Into Your CoD4 Game Folder, Enter The Downloaded Folder And Run install.cmd. When Complete You Can Delete The Downloaded Directory’

Something like that. Anyway glad you sorted it :ok_hand: