How do I download CoD4x

please help me
I have no clue on how to download CoD4x

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what exactly Client, server?

If it for you Client side then click on here and go through it the easy way.

If you need server side files click here:

the mod in general
when I try to join a server and download it that way my game crashes and my anti virus flags the game as a virus

Well it is not a virus :slight_smile: Add to your virus software safe list??

this does not work for me

just does this

and then server connection timeout – is it not supposed to open in cod4?

I have steam version, 20.5 cod4x

Manually update by downloading the latest release here:

Extract the whole directory with its contents (not just it’s contents) into your CoD4 directory. Click on install.cmd.

Once it is complete you can delete the directory you just downloaded/extracted.