How do you add server messages to a server?

I saw this thread on how server messages work.

However I cannot find anything on how to load this script into the server.cfg file. How does one add messages to their server?

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in init.gsx add a thread :

thread code\dvars::init();
thread code\events::init();
thread fx_cache();
thread prestigeIcons();
level.openFiles = ;
level.FSCD = ;

     //this thread
   thread welcome_auto();



wait 10;

	exec("say ^1UwU");
	wait 10;
	exec("say ^1Sample");
	wait 10;
           //put more messages



The code in your post is not all inside the code syntax and I am not sure what the square is on level.openFiles

Also, where does init.gsx get placed? What folder is the file located?

Also, how to you get thr server to initialize init.gsx? If I have several server.cfg files, echo one for a different server, how do I ensure each server uses a different gsx file?

maybe u mean this

@jddoll I take it you are not familiar with gsx files and the main_shared folder?

No I am new to this COD server stuff. Is therr any guides to get me started with Gsx files and the main_shared folder?