How to appear in the server listings "ATVI" and "CoD4x"?

I have seen servers that appear in both the “ATVI” and “CoD4x” server lists… my server only appears in “CoD4x” … how can I make it appear in both lists?
Thanks in advance!!

Do u have steam authtoken ?

hey…! thanks for answering…yes … i have it …
But when I created the token, my account was not unlimited. Now it is. Should I create a new token?

I don’t know how it happened but now it appears =) thank you very much for the support …

More than likely the filters had changed. Happened to me before without me physically changing them. But at least you are good now :slight_smile:

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you mean the filters of the list of game servers …?
because that didn’t change anything… there I haven’t touched anything… everything continues as it was before:. Likewise, thanks for your response. .=)

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solved… topic closed :lock: