How to create cod4 server from scratch. (translated with google translator).

Do you have any unique tutorials that show you how to create a server from scratch? I found little material and I’m kind of lost. God bless you all. (translated with google translator).

From scratch is a endless project lol, you have to rebuild cod4 from 0 with logics, connections, packets, database etc…


T hanks Nadorix for the answer, I think I must have been very demanding, I meant in the sense of using cod4x itself, I saw that there is a folder where the debugrun application is and run it, but I don’t know how to use an ip address so that my friends access it. Is there a complete tutorial on this method somewhere? explain step by step? It doesn’t necessarily have to be video, it can be images. Thanks again.

old question, but I think the easiest way to setup a dedicated server is to use the lgsm for cod4x, it pretty much handles everything installation wise and is pretty easy to use and fairly well documented.

Hope it helps.