How to get guid

i made a server for myself and my friends but in the config it says i need a guid to give myself admin, where can i get one? i saw alot of tutorials but they all use PB which is not usable anymore from what i have seen. any help?

the easiest way is to look in the server log. Look for your ingame name after you have joined the server
and your guid will be there

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You can easily get admin by using RCON, open the console and type in:

/rcon login <your RCON password>
/rcon adminaddadmin <your name> 100

The 100 indicates highest power. Only give 100 to yourself. Typing /rcon AdminAddAdmin in console will display how to use it.

If you just require your GUID, you can obtain it easily by opening the full console SHIFT + ~, and type in $ministatus. All players’ information will be displayed, including their GUIDs.

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thank you, the rcon command worked, i saw everyone saying i can see my guid with $ministatus but theres alot more than 32 numbers there.

No it is correct GUID but the information tends to be jumbled up. Try this:

/rcon status

This will give you the info in a much organized way.

I started using the program cod rcontool.
It is very easy to use and will help you get all the information you want and also manage the server. like changing maps, restarting, etc.
And as for the players, you can get everyone’s guids, IP, points, etc.
and many more functions

where did you install it?