How to make the server be ranked?

hello … first thank you for this … really very good … now … a question … i have a server with “new experience” everything is going great … only it doesn’t rank . that there is something I should do for it … thank you very much in advance!

Only thing I can think of is make sure you have set sv_pure “1” in your config

as set sv_pure “0” make your game unranked

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that is not true. I host servers that are not pure yet you can rank up there. I think the command is :
set sv_showasranked 1

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when i set to sv_pure 0 it does become unranked

A while ago an update to cod4x kept kicking players for unpure files. I set sv_pure to 0 and it stopped them being kicked but the downside was my servers became unranked.
Once Cod4x was updated again these kicks stopped and I put it back to 1 and the servers became ranked again

Thats how I know

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Pure checks to see if all the relevant client files are not altered. Hence ‘pure’. Not perfect obviously. If the checks are disabled the server is set to unranked.

However there is ranked in terms of vanilla MP games and ranking in a mod. Both are mutually exclusive. New experience is a mod so it will have to make use of ranking functions on its own. There is no requirement to do so.


Thank you all very much for your answers! … nice community … :slight_smile: … good information … yes … when establishing a pure server … it kicked me … I’ve seen a server. surely he is not the only one. .with this “new experience” mod with a pure server established with several people always playing … I can join it without problems . .the name of the server is " Fed Borracho Imp [FBI]" …it is ranked …that is, original statistics are added …that is, not only in this mod …how is this configuration achieved … ? any guide…? Thank you very much in advance ! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot …! I had not read his message … great …! Could you pass me the link of some guide… please… I’ll be eternally grateful… if you don’t have it at hand… don’t bother. I’ll find the solution somewhere … (I think so) thank you very much anyway … … :slight_smile:

Ranks on different mod servers do not interact with each other. So you cannot bring a rank from one to another. The exception is if two servers have exactly the same mod files and exactly the same mod name. In which case both servers access the same player mod profile.

So if you have two unrelated servers both with mod folders named ‘newexperience’ and use the same ff/iwd files then stats from one will transfer to the other. And back.

This is not good practice however. All mod server folders should have unique names so as to not conflict with one another in case one makes changes.

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… thanks for the explanation …

Thanks to everyone for your support ! … and managed to solve the ranking problem … just make a new clean installation of my server and with “new experience” and everything works perfectly !!