How to rename bots on latest version of bot warfare?

how do i rename the bots i seen other servers having bots with custom names? I cant seem to figure it out.

In your server main folder (or mod folder if running as a mod) there should be a file called botnames.txt. You can edit this file.

If it is missing then create it and add names one per line.

the mod made me put all files in the cod4 directory and there isn’t technically a mod it’s differ Files adding up to make the mod I guess you could say

What do you mean?
What have you done?

idk where in my files you want me to put it i put it in the main,mainshared,mods

In the “main” folder you should have the file botnames.txt to be able to rename the bots as I said above.

But if you are running a mod it needs to go in the mods\your mod name\

Thats if you are running a server…

I am trying to help but you not giving much info on what you have done on whether you are running a server / or mod on a server.
or are you just trying to use bots in a private game?
I can only assume some things.

sorry i think its server cause the mod said its only able to run servers so i do dedrun.exe then local.bat and play.bat

Also there wasnt a bot.txt file i made abot.txt file and put names in it and it didnt change in game

so im not sure if its a server or not cause im by my self and my friend said it doesnt appear on the list
this is my main folder btw

I didn’t say bot.txt
I said botnames.txt

Also that screenshot is showing no txt file at all

yeah cause it didnt work so i put it in my mod folder and it worked but thanks for the help much appreciated