I can connect to my server but it won't show up in the server browser

Hey all , I’ve recently set up my server with COD4X and installed the client too. I’m able to see a bunch of other servers under “Internet COD4X” but mine won’t show up. At first I thought I messed up on my end, but using “/connect” I was able to get into my server. Any ideas why I can’t see it listed on the server list in the game or website?

I’ve got gamespy 1, dedicated 2, and the “set sv_masterservers” with all the cod4x stuff from the globalconfig file it generates.

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you need to configure the token if it is not configured

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Hello everyone and first of all thank you for this great server tool!

i managed to set everything up with portforwarding, firewall and the servertool itself!

The server is showing on the website BUT NOT ingame

i get the following message:

Cvar net_ip6 is undefined. Announcing address 2003:eb:cf24:b600:e526:370a:c7c1:e81e!

Also if i search for my server on the website the ipv6 adress is RED.

Is there something i can do?

people are only able to join via direct /connect



I managed to get it working.

i set the ip6 command in the launcher command line. people can join now but the server adress is the ipv6 adress now … does not really matter but maybe someone could use this info

i still set the ipv4 adress via cfg and launcher but the ipv6 i dominant and wont change even if i set it in the comandline after the serverstart

i have same problem
bro please how to confirm token ?