I can't download mods/maps

Hi guys, yesterday my multiplayer cod4 (on steam) didn’t start anymore I solved it by installing the latest version 21-1 posted here on the forum on some servers I can’t download the mods and maps and it gives me the error “invalid checksum data block server” does anyone know if there is a way to fix this problem ?? thank you in advance greetings carmelo

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Hi everyone, I downloaded the mod from the internet. Surely the server had not been updated and due to client/server incompatibility it did not allow the download. For those who encounter the same problem, I recommend finding another server via Gametraker that uses the same mod and trying to download it by entering there

If you are using the steam version, remember to look for a pirated (iw3mp.exe) then put the cod4x patch, the steam version has its own version 1.8