I got banned on Cod4 High XP TDM

Hello, today i see that message while trying to join to the server, may i see proves of me using cheats? How come i got banned without using anything? My nickname is AZOV

Hello AZOV, this is the COD4X mod forum and not the server forum of the one you was banned from and as such doesn’t handle individual server bans.

You need to contact the owner of the server.
Try a google search for C4S Servers or in the server browser look at the info of the server you are banned from and see if there is a website or email address listed.

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Seeing as I am in a good mood I have done a bit of research and here is their site, they even have discord

C4S Statistics - Discord (cod4-server.info)

:rofl: Cheater Detected!! :rofl: