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Hello everyone, question. Do you know how I can prohibit users who use IPv6 from entering the server and only being able to use IPv4?

why the question. I understand that iw4madmin does not support ipv6 and that causes me problems to be able to manage the players that connect with ipv6

@MAD_DAD Hello friend, do you know if this option exists?

No I don’t know sorry.

As a matter of info I have just scanned over 2000 players that have joined my servers and not one has an IPv6 address and all have IPv4

Can’t say I have ever had a player connecting with an IPv6 address and I didn’t know CoD4 supported them as it was developed well before IPv6 came on the scene.

CoD4: 2007
IPv6: 2017

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IPv6 has been supported in CoD4x since long time. You just have to disable IPv6 at OS level, or try with +set net_ip6 “fe80::1” but not sure it’ll work, should do.

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Thanks for the clarification

Hello, thank you for your comments.

I’ll tell you why I’m worrying about IPv6.

I changed my host server provider and was able to implement IW4admin on the server. and it does not support IPv6 to manage players. What happens with this that iw4admin cannot see them connected to the server. That’s why I wanted to know how I can prohibit the IPv6 connection.

ask on IW4MAdmin discord if there is a plugin to stop players with IPv6 as it is that software that you are having issues with and not really CoD4x

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Yes, I understand that it is not a cod4 problem, and as for iw4admin, it does not support it and they recommend that I disable the entry of clients with IPv6.

This is what a client connected by IPv6 looks like on the server

See if Amos can write a plugin to deal with it, he has written one for name reserve for me when I asked him previously

If he is bored and feeling generous he might just write one.

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