Is COD4X support Chinese version?

This problem has been happened for a year since COD4x start checking the iwd filles.I know this is done for preventing hacker.But I don’t think this Chinese version will do any competitive help.
First,I try to delete localized_chinese_iw15 because I know that this files is not exist on English version.But it will only showed Couldn’t load gamefront_pc_normal and crashed.So I started finding the difference of Chinese version.Then I found gamefonts_pc_normal,gamefonts_pc_small,gamefonts_pc_extrabig,killcamindicator_chinese and specialty_new_chinese is necessary for Chinese version
I want someone to contact me to double check the files and let these files allowed to use so that I can use my Chinese version.
If you have any question about this.Just call me then.I will be pleased if someone can do some help
Here is the situation when I use my Chinese versiom