Is there a way to change the hud safearea on a cod4x server?


Me and my friend are creating a server only for us two with bots in it, and we were wondering if there’s a way to change the safearea of the HUD like it’s in console. We’ve tried different things for a long time and haven’t gotten it to work. Thanks.

Changing that, which isnt advisable, is done in the menus for the mod. There really is no need to anyway,

but me and my friend have a need to get it

I will rephrase. To do that requires menu work (.menu or .inc raw files) AND creating/compiling your own custom mod.

yeah i managed to do it somehow. i had to change, _hud_util.gsc and _hud_message.gsc

Still dont understand why you did it. The safe area is there for a reason. It is perhaps not as useful anymore since nobody has a CRT. Also nobody these days has 4:3 ratio screens for mods that have ultra wide UI’s.

But if it works without issue, have fun.