Issues install cod4x client update


I have a background in hosting private servers, and have some knowledge.
However, this COD4x server has been making me feel like a fool.
I have an online community, with a fair few gamers and we’re trying to setup a private COD4 server for us to jam on.

I’ve got the server setup, and it’s responding to ping. Client will connect to it, however it tells me the update backend is not available. I installed the update manually as instructed, but there is no change. It still sticks on awaiting challenge, then tells me I need to manually update.

Is someone able to run me through the steps for installing this update manually? Or how to load up cod4x client?
Perhaps some common problems and their solutions?
I’ve spent some time searching this forum and the rest of the interwebs but I have not found anything that’s helped so far.

I’ve not dealt with COD4x hosting before, please be forgiving

I am not using the masterservers as i don’t want it publicly listed. Is this a problem?

After install all patches, it is working. Mirrors: - Install all of these manually - Use the read me… read carefully

New problem:

Trying to figure it out now… any help appretiated.

MAD_LAD said “It is a check that is now inbuilt within cod4x. That picks these files up that it thinks should not be there. The only way to stop it is for servers to set sv_pure to 0 or not to use those files.”

I did this, and it stopped the problem.

My final question after all this is, is there any security risk to my server in doing this?

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I would wonder why you have an iwd file that is impure. This is a file that has been edited and is no longer the same as the original file. So that in itself could be a security risk.
Where did you get your cod4 files from?

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Thank you for your response.
I got them from
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007) - PC : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Thank you

Here is unedited iw_13.iwd from my CD version of CoD4:

try that and see

MAD_LAD said

It’s MAD_DAD :grin:

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Thank you!
I will pass this on to the users X)
Sorry! A funny mistake at least haha.

Does the cod dedicated server have any known exploits that could lead to the compromising of the server?
I have no background in COD servers and am running this on a production server for another site.
The server has more than enough power to spare, but security is my only concern

Running anything these days over the internet is a security risk.
There are exploits, some patched and some not.

Thanks mate. I think i’ll just keep it private and shut it down when we’re not jamming.

Appreciate the help