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IW3 Bot Warfare

Bot Warfare is a GSC mod for the CoD4x project.

It aims to add playable AI to the multiplayer games of CoD4.

You can find the ModDB release post here.

Important to public dedicated servers

The bots_main_firstIsHost DVAR is enabled by default!

This is so inexperienced users of the mod can access with menu without any configuration.

Make sure to disable this DVAR by adding set bots_main_firstIsHost 0 in your server config!



  • A Waypoint Editor for creating and modifying bot’s waypoints of traversing the map. Have a look at Using the Waypoint editor.
  • A clean and nice menu, you can edit every bot DVAR within in-game.
  • Everything can be customized, ideal for both personal use and dedicated servers. Have a look at Documentation to see whats possible!
  • This mod does not edit ANY stock .gsc files, meaning EVERY other mod is compatible with this mod. Mod doesn’t add anything unnecessary, what you see is what you get.
  • Adds AI clients to multiplayer games to simulate playing real players. (essentially Combat Training for CoD4)
    • Bots move around the maps with native engine input. (all normal maps)
    • Bots press all the buttons with native engine input (ads, sprint, jump, etc)
    • Bots play all gamemodes/objectives, they capture flags, plant, defuse bombs, etc. (all normal modes)
    • Bots use all killstreaks.
    • Bots target helicopters.
    • Bots target equipment.
    • Bots can camp randomly.
    • Bots can follow others on own will.
    • Bots have smooth and realistic aim.
    • Bots respond smartly to their surroundings, they will go to you if you shoot, uav, etc.
    • Bots use all perks and weapons.
    • Bots difficulty level can be customized and are accurate. (hard is hard, easy is easy, etc.)
    • Bots each all have different classes, traits, and difficulty and remember it all.
    • Bots switch from between primaries and secondaries.
    • Bots can grenade, place claymores, they even use grenades and tubes in preset map locations.
    • Bots use grenade launchers.
    • Bots can melee people.
    • Bots can run!
    • Bots can climb ladders!
    • Bots jump shot and drop shot.
    • Bots detect smoke grenades, stun grenades, flashed and airstrike slows.
    • Bots will remember their class, skill and traits, even on multiround based gametypes.
    • Bots can throwback grenades.
    • … And pretty much everything you expect a Combat Training bot to have


You can easily setup a local LAN dedicated server for you to join and play on. Have a look at Setting up a CoD4x server.

  1. Make sure that CoD4x server + client is installed, updated and working properly.
  1. Locate your CoD4x server install folder.
  2. Move the files/folders found in Add to root of CoD4x server from the Bot Warfare release archive you downloaded to the root of your CoD4x server folder.
  • The folder/file structure should follow as .CoD4x server folder\mods\mp_bots\z_svr_bots.iwd.
  1. The mod is now installed. Now before you start your server, you will need to set the fs_game DVAR to mods/mp_bots as a commandline argument (+set fs_game "mods/mp_bots").
  2. Now start your CoD4x client and connect to your server (connect in the console most likely) and play!


Menu Usage

  • You can open the menu by pressing the primary grenade and secondary grenade buttons together.
  • You can navigate the options by the pressing the ADS and fire keys, and you can select options by pressing your melee key.
  • Pressing the menu button again closes menus.


Dvar Description Default Value
bots_main Enable this mod. 1
bots_main_firstIsHost The first player to connect will be given host. 1
bots_main_GUIDs A comma separated list of GUIDs of players who will be given host.
bots_main_waitForHostTime How many seconds to wait for the host player to connect before adding bots to the match. 10
bots_main_menu Enable the in-game menu for hosts. 1
bots_main_debug Enable the in-game waypoint editor at start of the game, or enable bot event prints.
  • 0 - disable
  • 1 - for just debug events
  • 2 - for every event|0|
Dvar Description Default Value
bots_main_kickBotsAtEnd Kick the bots at the end of a match. 0
bots_main_chat The rate bots will chat at, set to 0 to disable. 1.0
bots_manage_add Amount of bots to add to the game, once bots are added, resets back to 0. 0
bots_manage_fill Amount of players/bots (look at bots_manage_fill_mode) to maintain in the match. 0
bots_manage_fill_mode bots_manage_fill players/bots counting method.
  • 0 - counts both players and bots.
  • 1 - only counts bots.
  • 2 - exactly 0 but auto adjusts bots_manage_fill to map.
  • 3 - exactly 1 but auto adjusts bots_manage_fill to map.
  • 4 - bots are used for balancing teams.
  • 5 - exactly 4 but auto adjusts bots_manage_fill to map.|0|
Dvar Description Default Value
bots_manage_fill_watchplayers Bots will not be added until one player is in the game 0
bots_manage_fill_kick If the amount of players/bots in the match exceeds bots_manage_fill, kick bots until no longer exceeds. 0
bots_manage_fill_spec If when counting players for bots_manage_fill should include spectators. 1
bots_team One of autoassign, allies, axis, spectator, or custom. What team the bots should be on. autoassign
bots_team_amount When bots_team is set to custom. The amount of bots to be placed on the axis team. The remainder will be placed on the allies team. 0
bots_team_force If the server should force bots’ teams according to the bots_team value. When bots_team is autoassign, unbalanced teams will be balanced. This dvar is ignored when bots_team is custom. 0
bots_team_mode When bots_team_force is 1 and bots_team is autoassign, players/bots counting method.
  • 0 - counts both players and bots.

  • 1 - only counts bots|0|
    |bots_skill|Bots’ difficulty.

  • 0 - Random difficulty for each bot.

  • 1 - Easiest difficulty for all bots.

  • 2 to 6 - Between easy and hard difficulty for all bots.

  • 7 - The hardest difficulty for all bots.

  • 8 - custom (look at the bots_skill_<team>_<difficulty> dvars)

  • 9 - Every difficulty parameter is randomized|0|

Dvar Description Default Value
bots_skill_axis_hard When bots_skill is set to 8, the amount of hard difficulty bots to set on the axis team. 0
bots_skill_axis_med When bots_skill is set to 8, the amount of medium difficulty bots to set on the axis team. The remaining bots on the team will be set to easy difficulty. 0
bots_skill_allies_hard When bots_skill is set to 8, the amount of hard difficulty bots to set on the allies team. 0
bots_skill_allies_med When bots_skill is set to 8, the amount of medium difficulty bots to set on the allies team. The remaining bots on the team will be set to easy difficulty. 0
bots_skill_min The minimum difficulty level for the bots. 1
bots_skill_max The maximum difficulty level for the bots. 7
bots_loadout_reasonable If the bots should filter bad performing create-a-class selections. 0
bots_loadout_allow_op If the bots should be able to use overpowered and annoying create-a-class selections. 1
bots_loadout_rank What rank to set the bots.
  • -1 - Average of all players in the match.
  • 0 - All random.
  • 1 or higher - Sets the bots’ rank to this.|-1|
Dvar Description Default Value
bots_play_move If the bots can move. 1
bots_play_knife If the bots can knife. 1
bots_play_fire If the bots can fire. 1
bots_play_nade If the bots can grenade. 1
bots_play_obj If the bots can play the objective. 1
bots_play_camp If the bots can camp. 1
bots_play_jumpdrop If the bots can jump/drop shot. 1
bots_play_target_other If the bots can target other entities other than players. 1
bots_play_killstreak If the bots can call in killstreaks. 1
bots_play_ads If the bots can aim down sights. 1
bots_play_aim If the bots can aim. 1


  • v2.3.0 (not released yet)
    • Smoothed bot aim at range
    • Fixed bots_manage_fill_spec players being counted with bots_manage_fill_mode 1 (bot only)
    • Added bots_manage_fill_watchplayers dvar
    • Bots hop off turrets if they get stuck on one
    • Fixed script variable leak with opening and closing the in-game menu
  • v2.2.0
    • Fixed some chat related script runtime errors
    • Waypoints only load from csv now
    • Fix bots possibly being stuck in sab
    • Major cleanup
  • v2.1.0
    • Bot chatter system, bots_main_chat
    • Greatly reduce script variable usage
    • Improved bots mantling and stuck
    • Fix some runtime errors
    • Bots sprint more
    • Improved bots sight on enemies
    • Bots do random actions while waiting at an objective
    • Improved bots from getting stuck
    • Better bot difficulty management, bots_skill_min and bots_skill_max
  • v2.0.1
    • Reduced bots crouching
    • Increased bots sprinting
    • Improved bots mantling, crouching and knifing glass when needed
    • Fixed possible script runtime errors
    • Improved domination
    • Bots use explosives more if they have it
    • Bots aim slower when ads’ing
    • Fixed bots holding breath
    • Fixed bots rubberbanding movement when their goal changes
    • Added bots quickscoping with snipers
    • Added bots reload canceling and fast swaps
    • Bots use C4
    • Improved revenge
    • Bots can swap weapons on spawn more likely
  • v2.0.0
    • Initial reboot release


iw3_bot_warfare-master.zip (10.5 MB)