IWD files issue

Hello guys. So, i haven’t bought cod4, i downloaded it from piratebay. I have an original CD key from many years ago, however i dont want to buy the game again. Anyway, after reading some of these threads and installing the cod4x client 21_1 (copying and pasting the folder inside my installation folder and then ran the install.cmd file) i get an error immediately after running the game about invalid IWD files detected, and when trying to join a server i get the “impure client detected. invalid .IWD files referenced!” error (cant attach a second screenshot since im a new user). any solutions for this? i can run the game normally when i create my own server.

Looks like they have been altered in some way… maybe injected with suspicious code especially as you have obtained it from piratebay

I would uninstall it and delete the files

I have uploaded an iso of my game disc and all patches to my google drive and this is unaltered and virus free.

If you want a copy of the original english disc version let me know (you will need your own cd key - you say you already have one)

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Back in the day I still used to play via files downloaded from piratebay until i bought the original, i do have the CD key because I remember it by heart and its valid (literally 10+ years later) but don’t have the CD itself anymore though. If you could please forward the .iso files to me somehow that would be great and would be much appreciated.

Message sent to you with info

Some servers like C4S will let you join, but most will not. The best thing to do is download the clean IWD files.
Can get them here

alread sorted him out with full cod4 iso

Yup in the future use piratebay at your own risk when it comes to programs. Especially games.

Hi, guys! I’ve a problem. I’m from Russia, but I usually installing the english version of the game because of fonts and voice acting I liked so much. And for chating and writing on russian language I put two IWD files in game’s directory (like a modification). After updating the game version from 1.7 to 21.1 ( I have the original CD key) I get an error immediately after running the game about invalid IWD files detected (photo like author’s one). After trying to join any server it’s appears a mistake like in author’s message (mine photo). It seems like the game has started checking IWD files for “originality”. How can I swith off this file’s checking? Because of deleting these two IWD files I see only hieroglyphs instead of russian words… Please, help!

Is there any way you could send me the iso. Discorď cdalvey1961. Thank you.

It is a check that is now inbuilt within cod4x. That picks these files up that it thinks should not be there. The only way to stop it is for servers to set sv_pure to 0 or not to use those files.

Why do you want the iso I don’t just share my iso of my game with everyone. You got to at least state what you problem is to give people a chance of fixing your problem.