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Does anyone know how I can add an iwd file (zz_images.iwd for example) so that it is allowed and not an invalid file in the mod? I am starting a new from scratch with OpenWarfare MoD Raw Source and wondering how I can add these ‘mod side’ iwd’s. Must be somewhere in source where I can allow the file I guess? Thx in advance. :grinning:

Can you be more specific or create an example image on what you mean. Do you want to create your iwd file with your files or you want to import files into server mod.

Hi, Thx for the reply.

I have the open source for the Openwarfare MoD. It is ‘fresh out the box’ from github. :laughing:

If I want to add more files to the mod other than the mod.ff and z_openwarfare.iwd how would i do that. If i create an iwd for example zz_mod.iwd ( many created mods have these ) and have my own images, characters, sounds I would place it in the mod folder and all my sounds and images work OK in a live test server. However I will then get a continual message scrolling through game ‘invalid iwd file detected’

When I compile the MoD from source how can I incorporate my new iwd file so that it is not invalid and ‘belongs’ to the MoD. Allow it as part of the mod if you know what I mean.

I don’t see anywhere in source where I can do that but of course hundreds of MoDs have this and renamed/added iwd’s how they want. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Simple remove old mod.ff and recompile again. Same for iwd files, create script for iwd files while auto creation that files need be compared. So it will recreate new iwd file or you can find that script and rewrite code for your needments.

Hi. You just need to comment out this line

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Thx all for replies.

@K-Faktor That worked :slightly_smiling_face: