Iwd problem

hey guys, im new here, so my problem is when i want to play i got a message of the iwd problem, like the server connecting to. I try to reinstall the game, the client, everthing, but now im completely hopeless. If anybody can help me, please contact me in this post.

Could you provide some screenshots of the errors please, so we can help out.

i try to change de files, try another game, but its nothing.

Did you download the files from a torrent or something as it looks like you have edited files that’s why they are impure

Or 1.8 isn’t that the steam version that’s not compatible with cod4x

so i need to try a steam version of the game? or can you give me a hint from which site I should download the game that works?

So you do have a pirated copy then.

That’s why you are having the impure issue.

Sorry can’t help you with getting a none legit version.

You could always purchase a copy but if you get the steam version you have to mess about downgrading it from v1.8 to v1.7.

As I have the disc version I can’t help you with that.

okay i get it, thank you so much.

guys i slove the problem i can play now, thanks for the help