Key code in use

my server isnt cracked

how do i let my friends join without “key code in use”

i have rented this server today

set sv_authorizemode “0”

That should work if they are using the same cdkey as you

its not the same one as me, they have cracked versions of the game im not sure which key codes they are using but i will give this a try and see if it works, thanks

Are you using cod4x or another version of cod4 such as 1.7?

i can join the server its just my friends cant because the server is clearly not running off of cod4x
i rented this server from gtxgaming.

is there something i can do to fix this to change it to cod4x to allow my friends (who dont have a legit copy of the game) to go onto my server and play with us?

guys i fixed it by installing cod4x on my server but now i have to update to version 19 just to play on it, which is a bit annoying

all i need is a tutorial how to get cod4x version 21.1 on to my server please

Use the most up to date version of cod4x from here

I would also recommend renting a vps and installing cod4 on it instead of buying a cod4 server from some gameserver company, they usually charge silly amounts for what they provide.

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lol, I assumed your server already had Cod4x on it as this is a Cod4x forum

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