hi buddy. a technical question. I remember that you told me that the new experience killcam could be causing failures.
and my question is the following. What difference exists between a “.gsc and .gsx” because I found a killcam.gsx file
But I don’t want to do anything without first knowing your opinion.

as far as I know the code is the same format it’s just cod4x likes the gsx file format and other cod’s like the gsc file format.
Thats as I see it but I could be slightly wrong :grin:

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From a coders standpoint, gsx and gsc are the same and server recognizes both. However if you have 2 files names the same, the server will give the gsx priority. Example: you place 2 scripts on server , one named “killcam.gsc” and one named “killcam.gsx”, the server will always load the gsx and ignore the gsc…this is very useful when coders are doing version control.


Thank you very much for the information. I thought it would cause problems if I had two files with the same name but different extensions.