Lan Server with modified XP

I changed it, but it does not have any effect

Ok lets back up and see what you should have.

In you cod4 installation you should have the main_shared folder like:


in the main_shared folder you should have:

In the maps folder you should have the following folders:
then inside mp you should have:

In the Main folder you should have your 2 server configuration files
new_exp_config.cfg and server_config.cfg

Your server launching shortcut should have the following arguments

+set dedicated 1 +set net_ip +set net_port 28961 +set sv_showasranked 1 +set modstats 0 +set rcon_password “password” +set sv_maxclients 32 +exec new_exp_config.cfg - if that is your server’s ip address

28961 - don’t choose 28960 always choose another for your server

yeah, thats what we got!
I can start the server. Up to this point everything is right.

But the server don`t have the XP-rate as I configured it in the new_exp_config.cfg
and the look ist just like in a pro mod

Have you tried setting the xp to 100… should give you 1000 xp per kill

Unless the xp multiplier doesn’t work in lan mode

I know it does work on dedicated server as I have used it

now I found the reason for the changed graphic and was able to change it:
in the new_exp_config.cfg in additoin to
set cmd_fov “0”
set cmd_fps “0”
set cmd_promod “0”

there are also the lines
set default_fov “1”
set default_fps “1”
set default_promod “1”
which I had to change to “0”

also the XP-rate can be adjusted now, after i disabled the modified killstreaks in the new_exp-config.cfg. Actually these should have no effect on the XP-rate, but now it works.

Thank you for your staying power with my problem!

Glad you managed to tweak it to get it working