Lirbaries for cod4x post requests (julia plugin)

So, I have recently updated linux and few of its libraries several times without noticing, that it somehow broke the post requests of the julia plugin. What is kinda confusing, is, that screenshots made are being transferred to the website (based by neho, cod4xwebadmin), however, bans being executed server side aren´t being transferred as info to the website. (I guess, screenshots aren´t processed by post requests in any part.) This means, that post requests aren´t send to the mongo database or in general, that post requests aren´t processed at all. Do somebody has an idea of what libraries are necessary or being used to process these, so I could revert?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know if Neho is on this new website but here is his web site if he is not here it would be better to ask him there.
I too run cod4xwebadmin and do not seem to have any problems but I am running ubuntu 18.04.6 lts

Hello, make sure that your server admins have linked their steam on the website and that they have enough admin power to execute the command.

The difference between screenshots and permanent bans

If a screenshot is sent to website admin steam ID is not required, but if a permanent ban is sent we check if admins steam ID is listed on this game server (website). You have to be admin on the game server and have a linked steam on the cod4xwebadmin application otherwise the ban will not be executed.

Also server admins can not be banned, so if you have any admin who have not linked his steam on the website his steam ID will be 0, so from that point on any player who plays without steam running in background can not be banned because hes steam ID is 0

If this doesn’t help run the check the app console in live, jump in game and ban test somebody, if there is any error you will see it in console.

Linux updates should have no effect on the application, only node or npm update affect the application