Listing non-dedicated server on master servers?

In COD4 (Without COD4X) you can launch the game, start a non-dedicated server and it will be listed in the master server list for anyone to join you.

Is this possible in COD4X? Do I need a authentication token to have a non-dedicated server listed? If you do need an authentication token, how do I add it to my non-dedicated server?

just make a dedicated server and add the auth token as normal

You don’t really need a master token as all this does is gets you listed on the Internet Cod4x list in the server browser. You will still be listed under the Internet ACTI server browser list.

But if you want one you need to go to
and click on Get a Token.

You need access to an clean and unlimited Steam-Account for this.

Once obtianed add it into your server.cfg file using:-

set sv_authtoken “your obtained token”

This is for if you need to make a dedicated server but for a non dedicated I wouldn’t bother with the token

All this is dependant on whether you have set up your server correctly and port forward the correct port properly

When I host a non-dedicated server in COD4X, It is not listed on either the Internet COD4X or Internet ACTI and the server is working since I am able to connect to it using the console without any issues.

Why don’t you host a dedicated server?
There are guides on here

I would like to do both. I like to host a non dedicated server for when I am playing with a few friends and that way we control the gamemode and map and if we can get our non-dedicated server listed, others can join.

You can still do that with a dedicated server. Just host one on your PC and let others join or password it for just friends

Does anyone know how to get a non-dedicated server to be listed in the Internet COD4X lr Internat ACTI server list?