Little Stuttering - Hickups

Hey guys,
running COD4 on my new system:
Ryzen 7 7600x + RTX 4070ti + 32GB DDR5 6000

Should have plenty of performance to run this game smoothly at 250fps.
The framerate overall is great but I notice some stuttering and jerking especially when moving my mouse. Don’t know what causes it. Its only in Cod 4. CSGO runs smoothly.

Does anyone else have this problem ?

I remember, Cod 4 running better on my older system which had lower specs.

I have heard that v sync can cause issues on certain systems. Take a look at that in the graphics settings. I would have a play around in that section just to see if anything can be changed to improve your situation.

Have disabled V-Sync Ingame and in the Nvida Control Panel. So no: That’s not the issue

worth a try, looks like you need to play around with other settings

Its really weird. Lowering texture quality seems to help a little bit.
And I noticed that one a local server the problem is almost gone.

Check your ping, that can also produce some stutters if it’s high.

My ping is around 20 :smile:

If you use Discord, please try disabling the in-game overlay.

Go to user settings, then down to game overlay.