Map stats help

Hello everyone, a question. It’s a new experience oh it’s some server.cfg command that takes care of this.


Note that since I deleted these files so that they started from scratch, I stopped creating them

etc etc.

I hope I’m not wrong. but before I always eliminated them so that I could start the statistics for each map from scratch. but now he is no longer creating them.

What solution can I execute?

Hello @MAD_DAD . Can you help me with this question I have please?

the mapstats are created by New Experience mod.

You should be able to delete them as many times as you want and the mod will recreate them the next time (maybe after a server restart)

If you have issues then it could be corrupt data / file within the new experience mod. So I would try deleting the mod and reinstalling it again.

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It is the same as what I suspect, that some file is damaged. because I see that in some classic maps the bots move us fluidly.
By any chance you have the link for the new experience where I can download it please.

thank you very much for your help

@MAD_DAD , Hello friend, from where can I download your latest version of new experience

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Thanks my friend, but I already have that link. It happens that about a year ago you gave me a link where it was complete. It even had the bots folder. You remember that I couldn’t name the bots and you provided me with a version that could be done.

The bot folder and renaming of the bots is nothing to do with new experience mod. That is the botwarfare mod