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Hi Everyone,

I wewnt through the process of getting a token and adding it to my server.cfg file sv_authtoken setting. I checked the master list and do not currently see my server. I am assuming there is a delay between submission and the updating of the master list. Can someone please confirm th is and if so how long before I should be able to see our server listed so I can confirm that my config is correct?

Thanks in advance,
GG-Dirk Pitt

I see that it still not in the master list

Have you entered it in the server cfg as needed like this:

set sv_authtoken “YOURLONGTOKEN”

also look at your server console and see if it says:

sending master heartbeat from
Server is registered on the masterserver

and did you get your token from this link:

Fao Cod4X mod : link has following error:

Your connection isn’t private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages or credit cards).


Hey Mad_Dad,

Thanks for the reply. I did get the token from that site and setup the server config file with the required entry as you show. On my server, it does say sending heartbeat to I’m also not running any mods, just straight DM. Thanks for any assistance.

GG-Dirk Pitt

I see your server in the ACTI server list and have noticed when I click on properties it doesn’t have any cod4x info.

Have you installed cod4x server client on you server correctly?

Hey Mad_Dad,
I wasn’t aware I had to install the client as well. I will do that now and let you know how it goes.


I ran the client install per the readme file, now my server won’t start, it says iw3mp got updated, restart, so I restart the COD server and it crashes. I’m running on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard btw.

I ran the uninstall and the server works again. Not sure what to do now.

you do know you run the cod4x18_dedrun.exe and not the iw3mp.exe?

I didn’t actually know that… I was looking for a pinned thread explaining the process but I was not successful finding it … probably just me lol. I just re-ran the cod4x install, modified my shortcut to run the cod4x18_dedrun.exe and it seemd to start up fine. Thanks for your patience and help getting this old clan back on the rails again! :slight_smile:

GG_Dirk Pitt

You are welcome, Enjoy your gaming / server

Hey Mad_Dad,
I wanted to followup with you on an issue I ran into running the cod4x18_dedrun.exe. Last night, we got 4 members on to test and everytime some “event” happened, be it a knifing, shooting, explosion etc, there would be a big lag hitch, connection lost blips for about 3 - 4 seconds. So basically all you could do is run around and not do anything or you would get lagged. I ran the uninstall and switched back to the iw3mp.exe and the server ran perfect. Any thoughts on what would cause the COD4x to lag out like that?

GG-Dirk Pitt

Not a clue. I run 2 cod4x servers with Botwarfare and New Experience mods and never had that issue.

What have you got on your command line to start server?
I would go through the process of downloading and installing it again

Extract the files.

Copy the loose files to your server’s root
Copy the files in the main to your servers main folder
Copy the files in the zone to your servers zone folder

use the cod4x18_dedrun.exe by running it with a shortcut with arguments

for example +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip +set net_port 28965 +set sv_showasranked 1 +set modstats 0 +set rcon_password “yourpassword” +set sv_maxclients 32 +exec yourserverconfig.cfg

I never use 28960 for the game server port. This is the main cod4 game port so always best to use something else I have found

Thanks Mad_Dad … I’ll set this config up and give it a try

I see your server is now showing the right properties and is showing up on the cod4x server list and the web master list.


Hey Mad_Dad,
I narrowed the issue down to the Copper settings. I don’t know which one or combo of them cause the lag issue. I removed them all for now but want to trace it down becasue I want to be able to reduce the power of the chopper.

GG-Dirk Pitt

here are some chopper settings that I have used in the past for a weaker chopper:

// Chopper settings

set scr_heli_maxhealth "550" //value of 1 upto 1300. 1 is easiest to kill, 1300 is default.
set scr_heli_turretClipSize "40" // values of 0 to 40. 0 heli wont fire, but 40 is default value.
set scr_heli_target_recognition "0.3 // The default 0.3 means that 30% of a player's body has to be seen