Messages, chat and obituaries

Hello, is there a method to rearrange the chat, the server messages and the obituary. the death of the players.

What happens is that they are all in the lower left part and when everything comes out they are placed on top of each other and you cannot understand anything.

thanks for your advice and help

These are the dvars that deal with the chat position and server messages:

cg_hudchatposition 5 204
cg_hudchatintermissionposition 5 110
cg_hudsayposition 5 180

This is the dvar to turn on or off the who killed who in the bottom left:

ui_hud_obituaries 1

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thank you very much as always. I enter them in the server.cfg. but before each line is entered
“set” true

Yes, you need set.
But if they don’t work from there they can be set in a script

It didn’t work from the server.cfg. but you know, I ran it from the console and the good thing is that the change was kept after changing the maps. and restarted the server and still kept the change. so I’m super good.
thank you very much as always.

What I want to ask you for help is the following. I notice that some of the chat phrases or those of the server are very long and take up half the screen.
Is there a way that regardless of the length of the message, it only rearranges the fourth part of the screen

Have you tried changing your in-game screen resolution?