New experience and promotion

Hello friend, a question, I’m just trying to do tests on a server that I haven’t started.

and leave it configured like the others and it works fine. but I wanted to install the mod promod and I can’t get it to start.

What do I have to do for these two to work, new experience and promod.

oh rather, you can use these two on a server. It is only for testing and to learn more.

thank you very much for your help

Never used promod so can’t help you with it

okay I understand. but only taking into account that we are talking about an additional MOD. How can you run both?

Running multiple mods can have bad results as there are chances of conflicts if one mod uses similar terms for items that the other mod uses.
But as far as I am aware you probably need to exec the promod config from your existing server config.

New Experience loads first then loads server config then loads promod config.

Thats as much help as I can give and I might be barking up the wrong tree but thats how it looks if you approach it logically.

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