New forum cool

All of this is fine and dandy but can we now have something done with cod4x (i am talking about anticheat and getss cleaners problem)

some people are never satisfied :grin: :grin: :grin:

there is no limit to perfection :crazy_face:

can we have a discord open for cod4x?

There is no intention to open an Official Discord server.
Life is busy, and we’re don’t want to spend more time to regulate another community.
Forum is good, worked well over the years.

Anti-cheat will not solve your problem though. There will be cheaters always. No way to get it solved.

Anti-cheat will not solve your problem though. There will be cheaters always. No way to get it solved.

Then at least give us some tools which allow us to fight those

I have an auto screenshot script installed on the players. helps a lot

what about screenshot cleaning cheats? 90% of those use it

I have 2% with black screenshots.

I think we should not forget that the game of 2007))

im not talking about guys with screenshot blockers, i am talking about screenshot cleaners

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Understood. Yes, there is such a thing (

if anticheat wont solve the issue, why wont you make your cod4x client repo public? whats the point in keeping those private if we dont have any anticheat or even reliable tools to fight cheats with? why not giving it to the public and letting other people doing it for you if you dont have enough time to develop it or will?

It is open source quite some time now, so you can go ahead and do whatever you want with it. It is even me tioned in github also, so I don’t understand the roast at all. But I help: GitHub - callofduty4x/CoD4x_Client_pub: Client modifications of CoD4 X


Im not too happy with the new forums
The olds ones were good, and worked very well. People were familiar with it.
Community management should be about the community first, not about slight upgrades to newer forums hosters or software because it is more ‘powerful’


Trust me, it did not work very well. As we had a lot of HTTP 500 errors, the server was weak. And the software is not free either. IPB is a non-free software, you have to pay for a license. And this is really so much more than just “powerful”. We have much more freedom and tools available now, then we had.

But, if you want to donate to the project, (monthly), we gratefully accept it. :blush::grin:

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Ive already made a post about making a public donation box for the project, im sure people will drop in.
Tho it should be clear how the money is used.

Nah it’s fine.

We don’t want extra hassle with it, but you guys have to understand, infrastructure is not free, however our new host was kind enough to lend us some resource for free basically, so it keeps the costs and hassle down. And once in a while a refresh not bad either, and this platform allow us easy migration between servers, and scaleable. Talking here minutes downtime, instead of hours with the old stuff.

So all in all, this was a better option overall.

it’s also hard to get used to changes, but then I realize that it’s better

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Probably too little too late but I did mention a while back to move over to Discord. It makes the most logical sense for 0 cost.

Forum Channels FAQ – Discord

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I just looked into creating a Forum channel and as yet it is not available.
This would be a good option if it was available rather than as text channel.

But that being said, having your own forum website is far more versatile and you have more control than a discord channel

I personally like the website forum. I would not visit if it was a Discord text channel and probably only visit once in a while if it was a Discord Forum channel (if they ever get released to all servers)

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