New server exploit

I dont know who the current cod4x dev is but… there is a server request exploit to ddos/crash servers.
Need a fix thanks. :slight_smile:



I’m not a dev, kinda, open an issue on GitHub and provide logs if possible.


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The server owners have to log it. im just the founder of the exploit… again…
Im not even sure if someone have acces to the serverclient functions.
So lets hope no one check how it worked for abuse. But you got the info.

PM me the details if you can, I will look up with the devs later on.

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Exploit still alive :slight_smile:

Can you try again on my server to see if it actually works? Thanks.

I already did you said nothing happen.
so i dont know what to do :smiley:

So it doesn’t work then. At least not on my servers lol… :smiley:

Its working different ddos, crash or crashclients. No problem to get the info from the founder of this :slight_smile: Seems to be a basecode bug so… idk

So i take my time to proof this.
Ingame video sv-dc

Cheers, Nado

I’ve seen that before
i don’t know why cod4x can’t fix security bugs
rcon hacking/ddos crashs/etc…

Its no real ddos, im using an exploit, that instantly stop the respond of the server… (working in other cods too)

Please send me Private message
I’ll wait for you there ! <3

You still hacking and cheating on servers lol