New server with custom map

Hi all, I’m searched all over the site for possible related issues but I can’t seem to find anything that helps.

I have a fresh hosted linux server, installed the cod4x files and managed to get the server in the master list. I can find the server online and connect just fine, stock game.

When I try to add a custom map, I get an error

fs_game is write protected.
Sys_Error: ERROR: Could not find zone './usermaps/cod4x_patchv2/cod4x_patchv2.ff

From what I’ve read across a couple of articles and guides. I need to create a ‘usermaps’ folder and a ‘mods’ folder. In each of these folders, I need to create a directory with the name of the mod. Under ‘usermaps’ I must put the map files and then under mods I must put the mod config file and robots file.

So far I have this:


  • custommap_load.ff
  • custommap.ff
  • custommap.iwd


  • custommap.cfg

I then try start the server with the following command resulting in the error from above:

./cod4x18_dedrun +set fs_game mods/custommod +set dedicated 2 +map_rotate +exec custommod.cfg

Inside the ‘custommod.cfg’ I have the following variables set:

sv_hostname “My server name”
sv_authtoken “TOKEN”

//rcon_password “rcon password”
g_password “”
//sv_privatePassword “private slot passwords”
//sv_privateclients “amount of private slots”

sv_floodProtect “1”
sv_reconnectLimit “amount of reconnects allowed per player”

sv_cheats “0”
sv_voice “1”
scr_teambalance “1”
g_allowvote “0”
sv_authorizemode “1”

set sv_mapRotation “gametype dm map mp_killhouse gametype dm map custommap

set sv_randomMapRotation 0 // 1 = sv_mapRotation is randomized, 0 = sequential order of sv_mapRotation

I’m clearly got something wrong here :crazy_face:. Can anyone point me in the right direction here please?

This can happen when the installation is corrupt. Try reinstalling the server files and zone files. Along with usermaps and mods folders, you should also have a “zone” folder which contains a file named “cod4x_patchv2.ff” and a language folder like “english”.

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@Sh3llK0de Thank you! This solved it. Appreciate the help

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