New server

hello everyone. You know I’m implementing a practice server. only 8 slot.

add 6 bots, and i want to leave them in the AXIS team. but only 4 are added and 2 remain in spectator mode

and after I kill 1, it is changed to the team of allies.

How can I leave 6 bots in axis and that they are not left in spectator mode and that they do not change teams when they are killed

thanks for your help

@MAD_DAD help, I want to have it for practice

I bet it is a TDM server

The logistics of an eight slot server on TDM is that 4 slots for allies and 4 slots for axis.

You cannot force 6 bots into 4 slots that’s why 2 remain in spectate

yes, I forgot to tell you about that, I left it as a tdm

ok, so it can’t be left unbalanced. In no way can you leave more bots for another team?

if you want it to have 6 bots on 1 team then it needs to be a 12 slot server (TDM)

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As always, you help me a lot in everything. thank you very much again