ODE physics engine


I am looking for some help with setting up the ODE physics engine for the cod4x server.
ODE is used on the client and responsible for dynamic entities, corpses and fx.
Sadly it was cut from the server binaries and using the functions from the asm files just crash the server.

xoxor already reversed big parts for his advanced radiant but did not continue with ODE. instead he switched to PhysX.

However, i would love to see realistic carepackage (and whatever other scenarios bouncing xmodels would fit) which is the reason why I want to add ODE to the cod4x server binaries.

I hope that there are some expericed people around who could help me.

  • Where am I right now?
    I would say that I managed to implement ODE to cod4x.

  • Where am I stuck?
    Right now I don’t know how to setup ODE to read/access the collmap.
    neither do I know how to continue afterwards, like how to spawn a model and tell it to apply physics?

If anybody is interested and expericed enough feel free to reply or send me a pm.