On the feasibility of skin under cod4x

after a long break from cod4 I came cross cod4x. After a quick and painless install I launched the game and was greeted with waring about impure iwd files.

In the “past” I used to heavily skin my game, changing background music and wallpaper on the menu screen, changing default wall and weapons textures.

The orignal game came from 1.6 (physical CD) which I progressively updated to 1.7, 1.8 and cod4x. It does not contains cheats in any form.

Now, is there a way to make these skins work again without being warned or even, prevented from connecting to some servers ?

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Only if servers have the dvar sv_pure set to 0

Ok, thanks for the prompt answer. Its a shame though as it restricts customizability, lets hope that the servers setup with dvar sv_pure to 0 know that they are missing some players.


some servers do have sv_pure 0, you just have to look for them :slight_smile: