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What does it mean? How do I change the game language while playing? What do I need to do?

You can’t. It’s the original language that came with the DVD. Each game have only one language at DVD and installed.

ok, Your information is out of date. If I put these 4 files here (see the first screenshot below), then I can change the language of the game (see the second screenshot below). But the text becomes unreadable (see the third screenshot below).
The option to change the localization of the game was added, but it does not work.

No, doing that you are adding some files of the russian version, as they are loaded in alphabetic order, is replacing the english version, just because E comes first than R.

Aside the sound will work, the entire game was compiled without the russian fonts/chars, so will not work. Aside that, you might be kicked as not pure client.

If you want your game in Russian, you need to download the Russian release of the game.


If there is an option, then it should be used. I just want to study it and use it for its intended purpose - to change localization right during the game when necessary.
There were no warnings or kicks, the game thinks the client is pure. The files that I added are the original files of a licensed copy of the game in Russian localization.
Just now I noticed that I do not have all the localization files. I’ll look for the original disk and try to extract the missing files from it. The result is unlikely to change, but I will still try and continue the experiments.

Это не чего не изменит если ты и добавишь не достающие файлы iwd, в них находятся звуковые файлы. Вся локализация текста в шита в 2 файла ff это localized_code_post_gfx_mp.ff и localized_common_mp.ff

По идее эти файлики лежат в zone\english, попробую вечером закинуть туда же russian. Если бы их получилось хоть чем-то открыть/распаковать как common_mp.ff, например, но именно с этими файлами никакие фокусы не прокатили…
Меня в принципе только чат интересует, чтобы кириллицу видеть. Хотя вопрос с чатом я и решил через всем известное мягкое место, но хотелось бы сделать всё правильно без костылей.