Own server in COD4: Modern Warfare (COD4x 21.1). Is it possible?

Hi Everyone,

Post addressed to those who has got wider experience in those issues than myself.

Is it possible that I and my colleague will be able to create own server password-secured in COD4 MW and play 1 on 1?

If answer is yes then what is/are the methods.

PS. Both of us don’t have cable internet connection; we’ve got LTE/4G from our smartphones used as hotspots.

Thanks for all remarks in advance.

si sed puede dejar con contraseña

set sv_privatePassword “” // Private slots, non-public slots //CONTRASEÑA PARA SLOTS RESERVADOS

set sv_privateclients “” // Number of private player slots, maxclients - privateclients = public slots

Could you write it down in more details, steps.

What & where exactly should be done?




lo primero, sabes que tienes un archivo de configuracion de parametros de tu servidor verdad
ese archivo se llama server_config.cfg

y en ese archivo es donde van esos parametros.

esos y muchos mas


However your answer is very generic one and in fact didn’t solve the issue for me.

no creo que sea una respuesta adecuada para alguien que trata de ayudarte-

no sabemos cuales son tus conocimientos

no se sabe si eres alguien que recien sabe encender su computador, oh eres alguien que sabe de programacion y conoce cuales son los archivos a programar

si quieres podrias comentar es que estado de tu proyecto te encuentras, para poder asesorarte

yo soy informatico y no se nada de programacion, pero tube la intencion de aprender y aqui me ayudaron mucho y gracias a eso pude poner en marcha mi servidor de juegos

You can just start a lan server ingame and put a password in there too, don’t even need cod4x for that. As long as you’re in same network (hotstop works too) you will be able to see each other’s servers and join. Also if you’re not in the same network you can use lan tools like hamachi, gameranger etc.

But if you want your server to be seen on internet, you need to open a dedicated server either on your own pc or a rented server like vds, vps etc.

Thanks for this advice “owmygodd”.

One step further…I & my colleague installed gameranger. It seems like a cool piece of app however issue is that we see each other there however once one create host then another one cannot connect to it…the one who is a joiner is just able to see several attempts of connecting to the host (up to 16…) but at the end just this notification : Connection has been ended.

From what I read it could be about blocked ports or firewall however how to check it what’s exactly cause this issue?

Just to remind we don’t use routers. Internet is directly from the hot spot from my and my colleague smartphone (of course 2 separated connections).

Any idea how to check it?

pasa que cuando el juego es pirata no puedes montar un servidor dedicado
solo se puede jugar en lan pero dentro de la misma red
con game ranger el problema son los puertos de comunicacion y todo dispositivo que tiene coneccion a internet tiene puertos y protocolos. si no s abren esos puertos no podran verte

solo una duda porque no juegan en un servidor ya dedicado

mira si quieres puedes pasar por este que es el mio y es solo para divertirnos, no es de competencia, a los competidores los expulsamos. no nos gusta la humillacion, la idea es solo jugar

te lo dejo por si te interesa

Yes, it is possible to host your own server in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare using COD4x 21.1. The COD4x server mod allows players to set up dedicated servers on their own hardware or rented servers, offering greater control over gameplay settings, custom maps, and the ability to create a community server.

While the app appears intriguing, a notable problem arises: although users can spot each other, when one creates a host, another is unable to connect. Joiners witness igg game multiple unsuccessful connection attempts (up to 16) before receiving a message stating, “Connection has been ended.”