Player kicked by scriptadmin

Hi all,

Wonder if you can help…

I’m running a RoTU server, however when I connect, I instantly get kicked with “Player kicked by scriptadmin”. This is my log:

Say Ashbo: I'm a hacking idiot, for which I now get kicked!
Player Ashbo, 20 dropped: Player kicked by scriptadmin

That’s it. I done some Googling, however the only thing I can find is where someone has forked the source code on GH, and this post’s subject string matches.

I’m popping out for a bit, but when back I’ll try with vanilla, however with the only results I can find being related to cod4x1.7, I thought I’d ask here.

Thanks folks!

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There is a setting somewhere in the cfg if I remember rightly about your GUID. It sees the CoD4X GUID and not the CoD4 GUID.

Look where to turn this off. Then try.

Cheers, I’ve had a look around the web and in my configs, cannot find it for the life of me! Do you happen to know it, or have an inkling of where I can find it?

Thanks @SMiLeY,

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@SMiLeY was it something to do with this in rotu.cfg:

// Use RotU in a LAN (disables in-built GUID vadility check. Use this if you get spammed with “Cannot kick the host player!”)

set game_lan_mode 0

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You my man, are a legend. I completely missed that and thought I went through it line by line. I feel like I need to post it somewhere to get it appearing on search engines for others who may have this issue.

Setting that to 1 fixes it, and I’m no longer getting kicked.

Thank you @MAD_DAD!

Yes i meant RoTU cfg. Sorry should have been more specific.

Glad you got it fixed. I remember because the same thing happened to me some years ago.


Yes and I remember answering your post about it :grin:

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hmm sadly i dont think i can help

Well ok then … :grin::grin::grin::grin:

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