Possible Fix for FPS-Drops when moving Mouse

Since I experienced terrible Stuttering and Framedrops when moving the mouse, I tried to find a solution for this problem. I don’t remember having this issue a few years ago. Here are my changes/settings which fixed this issue:

  1. Dropping down Mouse Polling rate to 250 Hz (I run the game at 250FPS).
  2. r_gpusync 0
  3. raw_input 1

I also have G-Sync enabled (have a 360Hz monitor). Dual Video Cards is enabled as well. Don’t know exactly which setting did it for me but the stuttering and frame drops are gone.

Whats your max packets and packet dup?


Reducing your mouse polling rate is the solution.
I’ve had countless people come to me over the years with this issue and every time this is the fix.

It does not need to match your fps but if it is too high it does not work well in certain old games like cod4.


The weird thing is, that a few years back this was not an issue at all.
I could play with 1000 Hz Mouse Polling rate without performance drops or stuttering.