Problems with kill point

Hello everyone, be well.

I have a small problem, before all the killpoint arms worked for me. but now only some are working for me. For example, the nuclear one does not work for me, but the server tells me that it is ready to be launched. And if I die because I couldn’t launch it, it won’t let me receive help from scratch. I mean, I can’t have a UAV while I don’t launch the nuclear one.

Do you know what causes this problem?

set radar “3”
set airstrike “6”
set artillery “15”
set agm “30”
set helicopter “20”
set predator “40”
set ac130 “50”
set mannedheli “65”
set nuke “80”

@MAD_DAD Hello, I’m here bothering you again. You know what could have happened. Could it be that some file is damaged?

see Disable_marty - CoD4x Server - CoD4X Mod

Hello friend, to see if I understood correctly. You tell me to record all the new experience files right.

Can you tell me from where I download it please, sorry for the inconvenience I caused.

and as always thank you very much for all your help

GitHub - leiizko/cod4_new_experience