@MAD_DAD , Hello friend, I can ask you a big favor.

How can I show you 2 qconsole files. log

but I mean that only you can visualize them.

so I want to see the possibility that you can see them. reason is, as you know I have another server. The previous one is from Miami and the new one is from Argentina. But the one in Argentina loads them with the same files as the one in Miami, but the qconsole shows me a different format. I don’t know, apparently there is something wrong.

I want to clarify that it loads with the Miami files but with all the data from Argentina.

and the second query, the token that I use in Miami, can be used in Argentina oh I have to use a new token, if I had to request a new token, how is it done. Because I can’t find the option to request a new additional token.

Yes use same token on all your servers

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As long as the server works fine then why worry?

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