Remove Sniper Breathe

Hi all.

Does anyone know how to disable the sniping breath mechanics?

I’ve tried looking around online but I’m struggling to find anything useful.

The only way I know if you use the New Experience mod there is a dvar for promod_sniper which when set to 1 disabled the whole breathing / swaying. Looking down the scope is steady

Looking into the gsx scripts these are the dvars that are disabled due to setting promod_sniper to 1

if( level.dvar[ "promod_sniper" ] )
		self setClientDvars( "player_breath_gasp_lerp", "0",
						 	 "player_breath_gasp_time", "0",
							 "player_breath_gasp_scale", "0", 
							 "cg_drawBreathHint", "0" );

and in another script file

if( level.dvar[ "promod_sniper" ] )
		setDvar( "player_breath_gasp_lerp", "0" );
		setDvar( "player_breath_gasp_time", "0" );
		setDvar( "player_breath_gasp_scale", "0" );

Just installed NE and enabled this setting, working like charm. Thank you.