Restart top players and stats on my server

Hello guys,
Do you know how I can restart the top ranking in NE. When any map is played I saw a message in the middle of scrim with players ranked as terminator , Poor guys …and more. I wanna reset that . Could you please help me guys ?

main/ne_db/mapstats - Delete the .db file name that corresponds to the map you want reset…the next time the map is loaded, NE will make a new stats file.

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Thank you Sh3llk0de ! . It worked.
just quick question , Do you know how I can reset de stats player in general? I have a couple hackers with the first positions on my server ><

You can manually open the file with a program like notepad++ even though it’s an .DB file and manually remove the player.

Thank you, I’ll try it :slight_smile: