Running COD4X Client on Android

Hello, I’m receiving lots of questions about running COD4X in Android with emulators such as Exagear.

Anyone succeed with that?

In a relative question, Is possible to move the Profile back to Game Dir instead of AppData? Anywhere to set the Profile Path to a dir inside the game?

I will with that will not need any install and will be easier to make the game load on Android or any other emulators.


Hey, I have no experience with running on emulator. However, Windows only saves the profile to AppData due to lack of permissions. When UAC is non-existant, it should save to “install_folder\players\profiles”. As Android doesn’t have UAC, you should be fine.
Maybe you can try a Linux install to see where the profiles are, Android should operate closer to Linux than Windows.
If you don’t mind, please keep us updated.

Sure! As soon as we figure out I’ll post here how to make this work.