Server linux

Hello, I am helping a friend set up his server on Linux and the log shows me this message

Sending master heartbeat from to
Sending master heartbeat from to

and in the cfg I have entered this command.

set net_ip “” // Set your servers IP address
set net_port “28960” // Set your port number

@MAD_DAD Friend, sorry to bother you. But you understand why this can happen. It will be due to some configuration. How is the Linux system, I have my doubts if the commands will be the same, oh the way to enter them, oh where to enter them, would they be different?

Sorry geplaza I have never used Linux so I don’t know where your problem lies.

But I would look at where you are setting your IP for starters.

have you set the net_ip on the command line and not in the config (same with the port)?

+set net_ip "" +set net_port "28960"

and change your port from 28960.

I find that using this port causes issues as it is the game’s main port

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