Server Registration + Auto Update Failing

Hello !

Thank you to the community still supporting this game ! I was able to get the server up and running but keep running into a auto update lock.

This server is just a private one meant for ten other friends so don’t mind the registration issue.

Any ideas as to what can be done to get this working ?


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What server version you run? The server shouldn’t auto-update whatsoever.

Running 1.8 dedrun I think it’s asking me to update to 20

but my dedrun version is

CoD4X Auto Update
Current version: 1.8
Current subversion: 21.2
Current build: 1154

Autoupdater: waiting for ./autoupdate.lock to unlock for 240 more seconds

keeps staying here even after the count down

Can you please provide logs? You can try delete the autoupdate.lock file and start the server, should work.